Graphic Arts Center


Non-commercial graphic arts projects and programming that create connection, tangible experiences, share progressive work and benefit the community.

accessible / affordable / artifacts / blend / community / connection / experience / experiment / gather / library / meaningful / open / process / publication / record / resource / share / uncommon


Analog Times

Art Blankets

Nowhere Gallery

Inspired by pen pals, newspaper circulation and open studio sharing, Analog Times is a newspaper format zine that shares personal projects, experiments and other unseen studio scraps of interest. The paper is only delivered to current and past contributors to create a pen pal like connection between all who recieve it in the mail.

Accessible pop-up AR gallery experiences launched from signage placed in public spaces featuring graphic artists who are experimenting with dimension and motion. Each Nowhere Gallery will also function to highlight a non-profit of the artist's choice. 

Ongoing series of artist edition woven blankets created to be handed out to refugees and homeless with hopes that their art, beauty and uniqueness can provide some hope, encouragement, and a sense of equality.

GAC Library

Pop-up art book and zine library that focuses on print as a tangible experience and an ongoing record of pop culture and current design movements. Available as a research reference by appointment. 


Graphic Arts Center