The GAC Zine Library is a pop up mobile library that features a curated collection of graphic design based zines and artist books with a focus on risograph printed titles. Many of these titles have also been digitized and are available for viewing here.


Bronze Age
Dale Zine
Klasse Wrecks



We partnered with 8 artists from around the world to create a series of custom woven blankets featuring artwork based on the theme of ONE HUMANITY : ALL ARE WELCOME. For every blanket purchased, 3 were donated to IRCO to use as a gift of welcome to immigrants and refugees when first arriving in Portland. These blankets provide hope, encouragement, and a sense of equality and belonging to our new neighbors. The artwork for these blankets has come from both near and far to represent the beauty and richness we gain by living in community and learning from people of all different backgrounds, customs and cultures.


Hola Lou
Jason Sturgill
Salomée Souag
Andrea Cenon
Kate Frizalis
Kris Andrew Small
Shamma Buhazza



EXPERIMENTAL graphic arts projects and programming that create CONNECTION, TANGIBLE experiences, share progressive work, and BENEFIT THE COMMUNITY ︎︎︎  

accessible / affordable / ARTIFACT / blend / community / connection / experience / EXPERIMENT / gather / library / meaningful / open / PUBLIC / process / PUBLISH / record / resource / SHARE / uncommon / UNDEFINED / unfolding /  


Experimental graphic arts projects and programming that create connection, tangible experience, share progressive work, and benefit the community.

accessible / affordable / artifact / blend / community / connection / experience / experiment / gather / library / meaningful / open / public / process / publish / record / resource / share / uncommon / undefined / unfolding


Graphic Arts Center is a non-profit project sponsored by Fractured Atlas and supported by wonderful like minded people around the globe.

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